Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just a bit of nonsense,for now. :P

Haaaiye. ;) 
Look who's new to blogging? *Points at herself* 
Well, I know I'm a bit Excited for this thing. :P 
but yeah. I've been planning it for quite a while now. :D 

I'll start? 
I'm not here to write about how you should live your life. Or to tell anyone anything. 
I'm just here because i like the idea of blogging. 
About sharing life experiences. :) 
Well, i haven't lived my life for so long. But yeah. In these fourteen fantabulous years, I've had - Overexcited people ,Girlie people, Full Of Attitude people, kiddishly Dumb people, Wannabees, The People who are actually cool to hang out with, The people who want too much from life, The philosophical ones, The I-Love-My-life kinda people, The Amazing depressed 'I-Hate-My-Life' kinda people, The lam ones, The show-offs, The helpful ones, The overprtective one's, Gays ( :P ) And People Like me Who don't fit in one category. xD 
Yes, I've had it all. :) 
I wont say there's nothing more to life. But I think I've had experiences worth re-living and will keep having many. (: 

So yeah, I'm done for now. :P 
P.s- Did I mention This space will have boring and lame and stupid poetry along with amazingly ridiculous philosophical and somewhat non-sense stuff? ;) 
P.P.S- If you have the capacity to digest it all. I don't mind. :D 

Ciao,People! :D
*Waves hand* 
P.S- Believe me, I'm not so cheerfull and dumb and girlie normally. O.o