Friday, December 31, 2010

Hi! :P

It's been a long time since I've posted anything. :O
And I don't have anything to write about even now. -.-

I'm just thinking about the new year. :)
And the thought of it. Scares me.
Yes it does.
Two zero one zero.
The most amazingly disgusting year of my life,
Where I did stuff i never thought I will.
I learned stuff.
I met people. Amazing people. :)
And i lost the best of my friends.
But at the end of it.
It was memorable.
[even though it was the worst year of my life.]

With hopes I know are too high.
And with expectations I know the year won't stand.
Two thousand eleven. I'm waiting. :')

What do you guys feel about it? D:
My feelings bad. But I want it to be good. :)

And. Don't forget.
2012. Twelvth December. Twelve bajke Tewlve minutes and Twelve seconds par.
We all are going to die. *Dramatic music*
So live it up, And Drink it down. ;)

Ciao! x

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I'm just plain bored. -.-

My exams just got over.I went shopping with a friend today. :O
The guy I like doesn't like me back. Or he does? Or he's just plain playing. -.-
But BOY. He's a charmer. :P
And i can't stop being girlie about it. And it's annoying. :|
I've lost all the expression I had for literature, i think. -.-

 My followers don't bother commenting on the crap I write.
Wait. how many are they? Seven.
I see.

ciao for now,people.
ttyl. x