Thursday, November 11, 2010

Da-Clink! :D

I love my life. :o

It is so full of draaamaaa. :D
SEXAY drama. ;)

First. I get lectured on being cheesy. Then. I hit myself for obsessing like a girl. O.o
And later. My dad gives me a loooonnnngggg hearing on 'Teenage obsesssion for boyfriends.'
Wow. i mean. WOW. :o

My dad has a LOT of capacity. O.o
I'm wearing weird clothes. xP
PJs with Elephants on it. Ha! B|

And. I wrote fiction. :o
That also about a guy who's on drugs.
I am SO kewl. \m/

Ciao people. :P
I don't have much to write today.


  1. Interesting.
    Do you ALWAYS get lectured for something or the other?
    I'm almost jealous.
    And I've been meaning to ask you:
    Why would you follow my blog when it hasn't been updated for 10 months?
    Just curious.

  2. Yes. I do,Actually. O.o
    I need to be reminded of silly things very often. I'm just like that. :)

    Oh. :P
    I don't know. I just liked the older posts. (=