Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life : A Rolling Stone. (=

Scratched knees that had to kneel,
fights with friends, My tears could feel,
Lightning Candles, To collecting ashes,
Happy Smiles, to swollen lashes.
Times of joy, to play with the toy,
Became times in wonder,
My mind DOES ponder.
Running in fields so open and wild,
Hiding in sheds with hearts so mild.

The Years that grew,
The things I knew,
The tears that grow,
The pain they show.
The heart that's weakened,
the smiles that tightened,
he nights with the moon,
The clouds in gloom.
The time just flows,
my mind just knows.

The months that changed,
My mind seemed caged.
I feel stronger,
but it took longer.
My life just went,from Earth to Sea,
The people around, Bear with Me.

These increasing days,
changed the way the wind sways.
These ageing wines,
deafened my whines.
I used to mourn, About me changing,
But now i've grown,
In time, to start pretending. (=

P.S- I know I'm a lazy blogger. :P
I thought I've posted enough of my regular day crap.
But then this struck me. :)

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