Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dreams. (:

What are dreams about?
Are they just the depiction of our sub-conscious mind?
Or is it something more than that?
More than just an illusionated world?
More than what we think about how our world should be?

Well, they mean a lot to me. (:
I don't live what I dream. That would make me dreamy. O.o
But, I feel dreams are much more than what a common man interprets it to be.
Dreams, ironical to the common phenomena,Don't make you go nearer to what you have to achieve. They take you farther away. :)
Yes, they do.
Someone once said- " Dreams are not a cage you can use to escape from the cruelties of reality, If you want to achieve your goal. Stop Dreaming." (:

Because dreams show you paths, Which are unconstructable. Untravelled. And maybe. Uncommutable. :)
So do dream on. But don't live in dreams.
Because that's not what your sub-conscious mind thinks.
It's what your sub-conscious mind wants YOU to think. ;)

Ciao. x

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