Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Because new hopes set in.

When your heart halts,
And you know nothing's going to be the same.
And the back of your knees hurt,
And your heart feels the pain.

When you know the dark's too think to let the light in,
And the despair's unbearable.
When the clouds above,
Just never settle down.
The Tornado befront,
Is not yet to calm down.

When the pulse of your beat is just no more like it was,
And the way to Paradise is rocky as it never was.
You still feel there's light.
The hope which can come in.
Because no way's that tough,
No heart's that weak,
No Love's so strong,
No feelings beneath. ;)

Because new hopes DO set in,
And the skies do clear in.
Because no sun can take down your wrath,
And no skies can fly far away to let you run out the math. :D


Well, I don't care if it doesn't relate.
I love to monitor sunsets and watch clouds. (: