Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's better off without a title.

Well, My life's a twirl. 
I have friends bitching about me, 
People setting me up. [ -.- ] 
People who just don't get enough of my banging and want it again again. 
And those who just never think of me as anything. (: 

Yes. Mostly the one's mentioned at the last point. 
They just don't get it. Not that I expect anyone to get what I say. :P 
But, it's enough. Sometimes I'm just tired of all this shit and all the confrontations. All the girlie issues. The So called 'teenage phase'. >.< 
Or whatever. ~.~ 
But yeah, Sometimes people just think they can come to me. Blurt out whatever they want to. And just get away with it? :\ 
And All I'll do is listen and wont react. 
Like i'm the godly saint of the cathedral of inglorious morons. [Yeah. Right] 
Because they just don't get one fact in life.

' EVERY action has an equal and opposite reaction. ;) '

Thankyou,Newton. :D 
Because of you. My stupid moves are justified are in a fair way. 
All Hail Newton. 


As is see you flap your wings,
going through the flow of young winds.
I see you smile in ur soul,
watch you go,go towards home. :) 
I see you show me free will,
make me realise the breeze up hill.
I want to live like butterfly,spread my wings and celebrate my joy..
Give me wings ti escape this cage,
Give me strenght to fight this stage.
Give me my wings and i will fly before you say
I'm just a little girl who says 'I want some more'. (: 


  1. haha.. nice post, but what i find hard is relating your poem to ur frustration.. lol..
    yes i know, people have bugged u alot with their fairy advices and stupid interference, but have u ever thought why they did? "caring makes u care for someone"

    btw, good one(thought bit of grammatical errors)

  2. Well, It is related. (:

    Um, fairy advices? O.o
    People ASK for fairy advices. And it's not inference i'm talking about here. -.-
    It's about how people confront me on stupid thing. And just don't expect me to act out on the solution. :\
    Caring makes you care for someone? Who's the one caring for someone here? The people i'm just fed-up of?