Monday, October 4, 2010

Understanding life is out of my league. O.o

Just when you start to live, 
Start to breathe in,
Start to learn to smile, 
The storm comes in and tells you can't win. 

Just when your heart feels right,
Your laugh grows louder,
Your heart pumps faster,
The sea sinks in and teaches you not to ponder. 

When you realize your life has a pocket full of sunshine,
Your day's got a sun, 
And the clouds disperse higher,
The void tells you, there's nothing you've won. 

When scratched knees heal,
And melted tears soak,
Broken hearts come for you,
Time just hides ways with a cloak. 

Because your life's all about twists that shake you,
Turns that change you,
Moments that stay with you,
And things you don't understand, neither do you never learn to.